Training and Procedures (create or enhance existing)
Training Program Development for Site Specific Uptime Success
Critical Operating and Emergency Procedure Coordination, Development, Testing, and Implementation

Assessments (to identify opportunities to enhance continuous operation potential)
Human Factors Reviews of Existing Processes – comparisons to best methods
Reviews of Existing Critical Facilities Staff Plans – comparisons to industry best methods
Coordination of Electrical, Cooling, and Fire systems assessments for critical facilities
Check-ups on Previously Conducted Reviews – to evaluate progress
Business Continuity – From human factors readiness to leadership continuity planning

Staffing (create or enhance existing)
Critical Facilities Staff - Justification and Planning, What to Outsource and “Insource”
Critical Facilities Staff - Recommended Organization Structure
Critical Facilities Staff – Create Job Descriptions and Objectives
Justifications for Needed Critical Facilities Staffing Upgrades
Candidate search and interview assistance – Critical Facilities Positions
Appraisal Process Development – Critical Facilities Positions
Shift Coverage Options – Critical Facilities Positions

Facilities Design (during initial and final stages of facility design)
Human Factors Design Input for New and Upgraded Facilities – to ensure adequate and efficient space is designed for: Facilities office, shop, command center, spare parts, and documentation library, as well as staging and testing areas for new computer and infrastructure equipment

Custom Benchmarking (to justify needed resources and processes)
Find and secure involvement of industry peers
Coordinate development of questionnaires to achieve desired results
Data collection
Report generation
Summarize findings

Facilitation (neutral third party assistance)
Facilitation of Team Development between Information Technology and Facilities
Facilitation for Introduction of New Processes
Vendor issue resolution through third party facilitation

Project management (when internal staff is overburdened)
Coordinate and manage critical facilities projects as an extension of client’s staff, in order to achieve timely completion

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