We maximize facilities infrastructure investments by helping clients optimize human performance. More than half of critical systems failures result from human error - even when redundant systems and components are in place. Though infrequent, Facilities downtime typically causes a high profile impact to a company’s reputation and bottom line. For many organizations, a short power interruption will result in a $3-5 million loss, due to systems recovery time. David Boston Consulting has helped critical facilities owners successfully minimize human related downtime through the development of strategic Facilities staff plans and annual objectives, the creation and validation of comprehensive procedures, and the implementation of rigorous site-specific training programs.

By engaging us, you will also benefit from our experience in:
Directing and managing the growth (from 11 to 90 mostly Fortune 100 companies) of the Site Uptime Network, a consortium of North American Critical Facilities and Information Technology management teams
Coordinating a successful group effort to change the NEC’s requirement for EPO switches at principal exits
Assessing operating processes and providing strategic plans to maximize uptime, as Facilities Manager of a 100k sq. ft. GTE Data Services computer facility and for over 100 consulting clients
We help critical facilities owners justify needed resources and process improvements. In addition to staff plans, procedures, and training programs, we create and conduct benchmarking studies, customize job descriptions, facilitate team development, design functional work spaces, and provide assessments of human factors strengths and weaknesses. We will also arrange for an integrated team of engineers to assess your electrical, cooling, and fire protection systems. As one client stated, “David Boston Consulting knows how your critical facility should be run.”

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